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BITLES.EU: This is the Largest Professional Platform for Earning on Crypto-Currencies Without Active Trading!

A Revolutionary, Stable & Reliable Platform for Online Crypto Currency EARNING!!

Earn Stable Profits From 0.3% to 6% Per Day & Multiply your Crypto-Currency in a Fully Automated Mode!

The Bitles Ecosystem Includes Unique Products:

  • Algorithmic Trading System Cryp-Spider AI

  • BTL Transaction Tracking Blockchain Technology

  • Bitles Platform User Training Academy

  • Cryptocurrency Branded Clothing and Accessories Store

  • Instant Currency Exchange Service – BitlEX (for authorized members)

Bitles Affiliate Program:

The Bitles platform rewards you for sharing information about Bitles and our features with others,
so that they can connect to the Cryp-Spider
AI Trading System and become Part of our Growing Ecosystem.

The Bitles Affiliate Program is based on the Binary System and Includes Additional Bonuses Like:

  • Direct Bonus

  • Passive Bonus

  • Leadership Bonus

  • Quick Start Bonus

  • Rank Award (Career Ladder)

Make Investment Gains of Almost 50% Monthly With The Latest Algo-Trading System Cryp-Spider AI

PARTICIPATE in our NEW ANTI-CRISIS Platform for Online HIGH-SPEED Crypto Currency EARNING!

No prior trading knowledge needed!

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BITLES Philosophy:

To date, BITLES is one of the leading platforms providing passive earnings opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. In just the first 3 months of operation, we have firmly established ourselves in the international market and have presence on five continents. We are known and respected. We have a great reputation.

The platform’s key goal is the emotional and financial well-being of our partners. We are changing people’s lives, helping them leave their boring, stuffy office and start earning independently.

We are proud that after just a few months with BITLES, our partners earn a monthly income of $10,000 or more. They begin to travel actively, engage in personal development and devote time to those things which they simply did not have enough time for when they were working full-time.

Our philosophy is extremely simple – to constantly develop, and to strive to soar to new heights. Indeed, nothing is impossible in this world if you have a strong desire and a friendly, supportive team.

With the team of partners that we have now, we are able to change the world. We thank everyone for their contribution to our company’s development. And we are confident that in 2020, the friendly BITLES Family will become even larger.
Good luck favors the bold and ambitious. So, let’s achieve even greater success and multiply our income at least 2 times by the end of 2020!

There is a new era ahead of us. New opportunities. New levels. New high income. 

Join BITLES and earn money with us!

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BITLES Ver 2.0 Details:


Between 08/06/2020 & 15/06/2020, there will be the long-awaited update of our platform from the “Beta 1.0” version to the full-fledged “BITLES 2.0” release version.

We had 4 months to fully test the platform’s functionality, evaluate the work of our savings plans, affiliate plan, BTL blockchain, transaction mechanism and all other modules and functions.

Within this period, we have identified and eliminated all obvious shortcomings, improved the main components of our system and implemented the BTL Staking technology, which has been developed over the recent two months.

Please see the list of innovations expected upon updating our system to the “BITLES 2.0” version.

1️.) BTL Staking. The module will be available on the main page of your back office. This technology will allow you to earn additional BTL tokens by simply storing tokens in your account.

If you have BTL in your Personal Account, you can choose a token freeze period and start receiving daily rewards from 0.5% to 1.5% for 80 to 200 days.

If you do not have BTL, but want to start Staking, you can directly purchase the desired amount of tokens using the new feature included in the BTL Staking module.

2️.) The operating period of the LIMITED savings plan will be extended to 98 days, and, respectively, the average daily percentage will change by 2.5%, and the average income for the period will increase from 110% to 175%. You can purchase no more than three LIMITED plans per week using a single account.

3️.) The BASE savings plan’s price will start from $20 to meet the needs of customers with the lowest possible budget. In addition, the operating period of the BASE plan will be extended to 98 days, due to which the average daily percentage will increase to 0.45%, and the average income for the period will increase from 16% to 32%. You can purchase no more than three BASE plans per week using a single account.

4️.) The MEDIUM savings plan’s price will start from $100. Reducing the price from $150 to $100 will allow customers with a minimum budget to make the right choice preference of this plan, since, as practice has shown for the first 4 months of operation, the MEDIUM plan is the most profitable solution for a regular investor with a small budget. In addition, the average daily percentage under the MEDIUM plan will increase to 0.55%, and the average income for the period will increase from 31% to 40%. You can purchase no more than three MEDIUM plans per week using a single account.

5️.) The OPTIMAL savings plan’s price will start from $100 (instead of $300), and the SPECIAL plan’s price – from $3,000 (instead of $5,000). This step will allow our active partners to get easier access to the increased Binary Bonus. We shall remind you that if you have the OPTIMAL plan, you receive 7% of the Binary Bonus, and if you have the SPECIAL plan – 8%, but due to the high current price of these plans, many partners had to go back from them, receiving only 6% of the Binary Bonus. Now this component for active partners will change for the better.

6️.) Binary turnover is counted from active savings plans only. Binary points from expired savings plans are not counted in binary turnover. We want to note that this does not apply to career turnover, which, of course, remains unchanged.

7️.) The fees for all transactions within the platform remain unchanged, however, the feature of reducing fees when storing a certain amount of tokens for 15 days will be disabled. This is due to the fact that upon the integration of the BTL Staking technology into our ecosystem, we expect a significant increase in the load on the BTL network. We shall remind you that the BTL Staking technology enables receiving rewards from 0.5% to 1.5% per day, which in itself is an attractive offer for additional earnings and popularization of our token in anticipation of its listing on the largest exchanges, which we plan to start in December 2020.

Thanks so much for your attention. We hope that you will fully appreciate the benefits of these innovations, which are designed to improve the functioning of our platform and make your work on the platform more understandable, easy and efficient.



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